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It is driven during 2016. Seven Valencian universities belonging to the Autonomous University Sports Commission, and Trinidad Alfonso Foundation project signed a collaboration agreement for the promotion of university sport. This agreement marked the birth of Uniesport program, which aims to promote joint projects related to exercise, contribute to the development of university sport in all areas, educate athletes and students combine both activities and radiate the values ​​of Culture Effort that promotes Trinidad Alfonso Foundation.

The seven signatories Universities agreement with the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation are:

The presentation of this agreement was held on May 3, 2016 at the premises of EDEM, in the Marina Real Juan Carlos I. The event was attended by Hortensia Roig, secretary general of EDEM, the rectors of the seven universities Valencia and director of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, Elena Tejedor, who was “convinced that the initiative will be a great success,” adding that the agreement “represents the culmination of a goal to which we aspired for some time, embark on a project very exciting with the Universities of the Region”.

The agreement includes different lines of action, such as conciliation of sport and university studies for members of Project FER, the creation of the “Foundation Trinidad Alfonso Awards” for college athletes with brilliant records, momentum and creating a plan competitions in universities supported and funded by the Foundation, promoting sports among students of all faculties of Valencia, a concrete action that would result on April 6, 2017 on the occasion of the International Day of Physical Activity or the establishment of a volunteer program for college students Valencians are involved and collaborate in various events promoted by Foundation Trinidad Alfonso.