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Teacher Education Inclusive Phisycal Activity

Initiative born in 2016, when the Spanish Paralympic Committee and Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, with the collaboration of the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, signed a cooperation agreement to promote a training program of Physical Education Teachers in Valencia, with the objective that teachers acquire and update skills to enable students with disabilities full and effective integration through sport.

Teachers who would teach these sessions was prepared for months with some training. The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation took over the funding of the initiative, while the Spanish Paralympic Committee was responsible for coordinating the project by developing a set of guidelines contained in the “Manual of good practice of physical activity and sport in an inclusive environment “.

The initiative began to take shape during the months of April and May. The training sessions were attended by renowned Paralympians of Valencia. Sessions collected the practical application of the contents acquired during the training courses and allowed to assess the effects that physical education has on young people with disabilities and contrast the benefits that physical exercise produces in relations between students with and without disability.